Have you seen this bag?

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It’s a red suitcase. Hardback. Gift from my old chum Kagame. She’s out there somewhere. Alone. Tell me, have you seen her? (Cue in MC Hammer’s song here). You don’t imagine you would feel so distraught until you are standing at the carousel after deplaning and it has ground to a stop after everyone has picked theirs and it suddenly dawns on you that your luggage is missing.

This book causes a hangover.

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The Book Thief, Markus Zusak

A ‘Book Hangover’ is when you walk around wishing you never finished that book. That angst-laden, nostalgia-fraught feeling, that things will never be the same again after that book.

Dunga Hill Camp, Kisumu

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There are quite a few hills in Kisumu, but the hill you want to be on if you ever find yourself in Kisumu is Dunga Hill Camp. It is past Impala Park, past Hippo Point,


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And finally, some happy father stories #Dadslovewhisky

Dad, he’s something weirdly cool


There are so many depressing stories about fathers, that a happy one seems not to pack a punch. I am glad and fortunate to have grown up in a functional home with a present dad,