Brunching off at 360 Degrees

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I get wildly excited by the prospect of going to brunch because very little effort is required on my part. All I have to do is eat; people watch, give and receive gossip.  I’ve called a friend to join me and she’s obliged without much persuasion.


So there are two ladies. Vicky and Ciku. Very sharp chicks. Both ferocious readers. Vicky, an artist at heart, read The Road by Cormac McCarthy in three hours. She sniffs books. The only thing she probably spends more on –

Polaroids are back, people.

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By Hanafi Kaka | Resident Techie

Here’s something crunchy you are yet to bite into in your giant kebab; polaroids are back. Or have they always been around but just seemed too…I don’t know…like something the dinosaurs chewed and spat out?


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Maina Kageni is a tortoise. That’s the analogy he chose to chicken out of a sky dive last weekend. He said he’s a tortoise because tortoises live for hundred-plus years. They live for hundred-plus years because they don’t go jumping off planes.

Her Confession

We are all fractured. All of us. And we are lonely. It seems like we are all battling some sort of inadequacies that I’m not equipped to comprehend. The emails I have continued to receive point to this.