White Dance

Last Saturday night I was seated in a booth at Diani’s famed Shakattack nightclub. In the same booth slept Susan Wong because it must be so draining and exhausting to take and post pictures on Instagram.


You have to be a luo to really understand the feeling of going back to Kisumu. It’s our mecca, a halfway house between pride and nostalgia. It’s hard to imagine that there are those who have never been to Kisumu,


There are moments I wish I was a woman. Many moments, actually. Like when I walk into a banking hall to deposit a cheque and I only have ten minutes but then I get there and realise my ticket number is 179,

How I Spent My Christmas Holiday

20th Dec

When I go to pick up Tamms from the salon I see him still seated there waiting for his woman. He’s slouched in his chair, his long legs running endlessly before him like a chocolate-coloured river in Congo.