There is a bottle of 14-year old Oban waiting for me at Babalus Bar when I pitch up at the Crowne Plaza hotel, courtesy of the GM – Anthony. It’s a bonhomous Wednesday evening.


The sun sits on Tim Odero’s scalp. Tim is balding. But then again he’s 42-years old, a husband and a father of two. Make that three. His first born was with a lady who relocated to the United States with his son,

Ravens On Windows

Do you have 12mins to waste? If you do, then don’t waste it reading this article. It’s a ramble.

“Can I waste your time?” Asks Dr Sally Wanjohi.  Do you remember her?

Dusty Rags (No Relation To The Story)

Let’s say you are one of those people who take their phones to the loo to read or to watch YouTube or double tap pictures on Instagram. (Cool children now call it The Gram).