You will never find me standing in the middle of the room. I’m that guy who stalks the borders of a room. I belong in the darkened embrace of the shadows. The problem with standing in the middle of the room is that you become part of the narrative and there the power to tell the story of that room is perpetually stripped off you.

And so I’m the guy who relishes watching that narrative unspool from those borders of the room. Then capture it in words; the best seat in the room is where there are no seats.

I love music, food, travel, children (even those that don’t belong to me), clothes, cars, gadgets, whiskey and watching someone hula-hoop. There is something defeatist about that thing, like a dog trying to bite its own tail. But more than loving all the aforementioned, I love to write about these things.

However, am I an authority on any of these things? Hardly. But I have an opinion. And I prefer to share it. Let’s agree that you have your own and it might not be compatible with mine, but let’s agree that we can at least be civilised about it. I think the universe demands that of us.

My name is Jackson Biko. I’m a writer with the Business Daily, True Love magazine and The Saturday Nation. I also edit Msafiri Magazine, Safaricom Foundation’s Msingi Magazine and a scattering of other writing jobs that keep writers like me afloat.

Welcome to my world, to my room, but it’s not really mine when you occupy the middle of it, is it?

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8 Responses
  • Maria

    Hello Biko,

    I enjoyed reading your article about the prostate exam… Very refreshing! I really enjoy that style of writing where the reader is allowed to explore the jungle that is the writer’s mind, as most minds are. I have a blog as well, not half as exciting as yours:

  • Nduku Isaboke

    Simply awesome; especially because you do not realize the ripple effect of your words on the lives of those who read them.

  • Belinda

    Ghost reader but not anymore You make life bearable for 9-5 people like me

  • samuel dzombo

    how do you manage to write for all these newspapers and magazines

  • Victor Ambuyo

    Thanks Biko for making life have a different perspective from what it usually has.

  • kennedy

    Hey Biko

    Kindly kindly write about itchy groins and Butt cracks

  • Ayuma

    Thanks chocolate Man for adding alil spice to life with your witticism. Am in “Love” with the blog, I always read each and every article though not a frequent commenter. Since I “discovered” you my appetite for reading has ever grown and am never without a book (hard or soft copy) thanks to you. Did I also mention that I relish this “new house”? . Long live “Baba Tamms”

  • Mark

    One day at the end of my University Internships at an advertising firm, I was asked if I know Biko Zulu, I was a little confused, but the conversation that followed was about how to be more creative and that started my journey into writing.


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