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Little Zulu

You have to see how your child is born. Cancel trips. Move meetings. Walk over bridges. Get on a ship. Travel by night. Stay sober. You just have to see it. They are only born once.

And finally, some happy father stories #Dadslovewhisky

Dad, he’s something weirdly cool


There are so many depressing stories about fathers, that a happy one seems not to pack a punch. I am glad and fortunate to have grown up in a functional home with a present dad,

Dad, the cheat #Dadslovewhisky

As we get to the homestretch of Father’s Day, the emails from women keep coming in. Boatloads of emails from women writing about their fathers. Most are damaged. A few are amusing. I can’t run them all,

This letter from a daughter will move you #Dadslovewhisky

By Anonymous

I have received tonnes of emails during the time I have been running the Father’s Day #DADSLOVEWHISKY series. Most, although unique, are unimpressionable. But after reading stories from and about fathers;

Joe Black writes to his father #Dadslovewhisky

Four brothers living with their maternal grandfather in Majengo slums. An absent and conflicted mother who doesn’t know the fathers of these boys – at least not all of them. Questions abound.  One of those four brothers is Joe “Black” Munuve.

My father; you get to him by writing a letter #Dadslovewhisky

You know how growing up we never could really face our fathers and have a man-to-man? Mostly because it was unheard of. A letter seemed like a safe option. Well, two chaps this week have written a letter to their fathers;