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Bite me!

Posted on 22 4

Of course I’m scared.

I’m scared because I’m human. I’m scared because I don’t know this woman even though she is supposed to be a good at it. Right. I hear that a lot but word on the grapevine is normally worth squat,

Storms will come

Posted on 11 6

I saw this couple in traffic fight this morning. Guy looked mid thirties. Chick didn’t look a day older than 25, but it’s hard to tell nowadays with make-up and Botox. Traffic was stagnant as you would expect at 8am.

Black tie.

He lights a cigarette – his twelfth in under an hour – and closes his eyes and takes a deep drag at it. Smoke fills his soul. He doesn’t open his eyes but lets smoke crawl out of his nose and into the cold chilly night in a lazy trail.


Posted on 32 2

I can’t say I have been suffering from writer’s block. That’s too complex. I couldn’t just bring myself to write. Many days I sat at the laptop and nothing inspiring came out. It happens most of the time,

When life happens….

Posted on 36 11

The irony of life is in growing up because people grow up then they grow apart. With age comes dissociation. Age lays an unrelenting buffer of solitude. Jobs come in between people. Cities come in between people.

When a killer calls….

I called Njogu this morning; remember him the guy I almost killed? Well, yes, we haven’t talked in ages and so I decided to check on him, see if he is still breathing and all.