1. mentally or physically inactive; lethargic.

         “we sat around in a torpid state”

I just came back from Doha. They say travel opens your eyes and mind, but it also makes you so tired; living off a suitcase,different weather, eating different food, hearing the sound of the lift opening and closing.  

I’m languid.

I want to lie in a cool, darkened mud hut with small windows. I want to lie facing up on a mat with a hard pillow. I want silence. Doors closed. The only time the door of this hut opens is when a small barefooted, geisha-like lady tiptoes in and places a small porcelain cup of iced lemon tea by the mat and whispers, “ Chocolate Man, your tea.”

With my eyes closed I will reach for her wrist, brittle like a twig, and mumble, “Don’t let anyone in here.”

“But there is someone waiting outside.”


“Someone from your blog.” She will whisper, kneeling next to me, her voice pleading. “What do I tell him?”

“Tell him I’m torpid.”


“No, tor-pid.”

“As you wish, Chocolate Man.”

I want to lie in this hut this week, Gang. Allow me to lie in this hut just for this week.

Let me be.

And no snarky comments, please.


(Uhm, to the ladies not the gentlemen)

200 thoughts on “Hut”

  1. abraham kipkosgei says:


  2. Robert says:

    This is some minutes late today….Lemme get to reading now

  3. Shiku says:

    Kisses right back to you Biko

  4. Sherry says:

    Kisses Biko

  5. abraham kipkosgei says:

    Katiba kamekubali

  6. Lydia Abiero says:

    Next Week Chocolate Man

  7. Steve says:

    Brilliant read, back to torpid mode

  8. shem says:

    Haha got it chocolate man,torpid it is.

  9. OSCAR JUMA says:


  10. Fatuma says:


  11. Robert says:

    That’s how it ends? After all that wait! Enjoy your rest Biko

  12. Hellen Ak says:

    hahahaaha, we want a was Doha?etc etc..don’t make us demonstrate here with placards:-)hehe we shall be here when you finish resting:-)

  13. Steve says:

    For those who have googled already, what’s the meaning of this word: languid

  14. Jabay says:

    our weekly dose yawah……..we are not allowing u that!!! HAKI YETU!!! HAKI YETU!!!!

  15. Carole says:


  16. Morris says:

    heheheheeheh what a way to say…msinisumbue hii wiki…

  17. Narisha says:

    arrgghh…after waiting for a whole week

  18. Josy says:

    kisses right back to you Biko…

  19. Lauryn says:

    hahahaha chocolate man please….. you know how i had geared myself for a big story…#smh, umenicheza hapo

  20. Oredo1 says:

    Awesome chocolate man

  21. Kate says:

    Ha ha ha ha. Sawa, lie away and let’s do this again next week.

  22. Kami says:

    Just be… Bisous!

  23. Sylvia sly says:

    Pole chocolate man.For now we allow you to lie in that hut…Not sure whether we can hook you with the geisha…Hoping next week you shall be energetic

  24. Julius says:

    I swear, even a full stop from you can be magnified into bursts of laughter… prepare a double dose while inside the hut…

  25. Demi says:

    He he he , kisses right back at you

  26. Christine says:

    kisses right back :-)……but i wont mind being languid from all the travelling….Sounds like a breath of fresh air as much as it comes at a ‘cost’

  27. Robert Maina says:

    Haki yeetu, Haki yeetu….. #NoStoryNoPeace

  28. Dove says:

    Rest in peace. :don’t die on us.

  29. Ngina says:

    You went to Doha and all we get is a kiss? 🙁

  30. Jedida Ojwang' says:

    Take your well deserved rest Biko, talk to us when you are ready to 🙂

  31. Mukami Kathambara says:

    Seriously Biko? Seriously?

  32. Njooro says:

    It’s become that scenario where you get home and send a quick text to the boys, “Home.” Nancy response is. “KISSES.” Enjoy your downtime bro. We’ll wait. Cheers.

  33. Rael says:

    Happy valentines chocolate man, we shall assume that valentine’s got to you early 🙂 . Kisses right back.

  34. Mark says:

    And here I was wondering why this week’s post was late.
    Say hi to the geisha.

  35. ann g says:

    Kisses to you too and you do need the rest

  36. Dickson says:

    Errmmm…just go lie bruh. Make this count come next week

  37. @clif_the_tall says:

    Hahaha. Really Dude? I have been refreshing my browser since 10: 00 am in order to get my daily Tuesday dose only to get this? why are you so insensitive with our ‘Huts’ Biko? am seriously ‘hutting ‘ boss.

  38. Debbz says:

    Kisses right back chocolate man … but make up for it next week..

  39. Vicky says:

    We will miss you biko#sobs

  40. EveKyungu says:

    I saw ur photo on true love magazine, not bad looking I must say.Enjoy ur rest Biko

  41. Jeez..What a cop out.
    Sema kucheswo..
    Isn’t this the point you have someone on standby…one of the Master class graduates to guest post?
    What will happen when you have a 17hour flight to Japan, and you have to be in economy a la cattle class?

  42. Imelda says:

    Somehow this short post is enough for this week as is 🙂

  43. nyobz says:

    Rest Biko rest! out of that mud hut we know you’ll unleash good stuff!

  44. Mshiriki says:

    We are hiring another geisha girl who can be more persuasive to allow the guest entry.

  45. The post is in a torpid state too.

  46. Jorgè says:

    That person standing outside the hut,from the blog, is ME.I will start knocking in three two…

  47. Nick26 says:

    LoooL! “Chocolate man wake up and get registered as a voter” she whispers

  48. Victoria says:

    What happened to email notification?

  49. Ben says:

    Looks like the return flight was in the cattle section…

  50. Jenny says:

    Your mouth shall run dry from all the kissing, kisses right back. Pole for fatigue.

  51. mkw says:

    showing little enthusiasm.
    “the applause was tepid”
    synonyms: unenthusiastic, apathetic, muted, halfhearted, so-so, ‘comme ci, comme ça’, indifferent, subdued, cool, lukewarm, uninterested, unenthused
    “The gang was tepid in allowing chocolate man sleep in the goddamn hut denying them the much awaited weekly read”

  52. Zayn says:

    OMG chocolate man blew me a kiss !!! *fanning myself* Kisses right back atya Mr. Chocolate man

  53. Beri says:


  54. Jess says:

    Really?? After waiting for so long this is all we get 🙁
    And how I was looking forward to the Qatar stories!!!

  55. Jeffu says:

    Hehehe it is absolutely fascinating. Take your time chocolate man.

  56. Arnet Njiraini says:

    Too bad… You had better make up next Tuesday! Will be waiting !!

  57. Isaiah says:

    Well,chocolate man seems to have won all the girls over especially now when Valentines day is here and unga is up at 150. You girls can have Biko and his ‘chocolateness’ as we fix this unga story.
    Kisses to you Biko,from bae.

  58. Jackinda says:

    For some reason, I just remembered my first time.

  59. Karey says:

    Really Biko? After 7 days of waiting? OK chocolate man, kisses!!

  60. Isz says:

    the geisha like lady, yes that one……

  61. Marion Yano says:

    Let me be patient


  62. stella says:

    All betrayals starts or ends with a kiss.

  63. Gathoni says:

    Not a prophetess but I saw this coming. That article last week …..Enjoy your well-deserved rest.

  64. minitheshygal says:

    And here i was checking your facebook page and hoping that will get an awesome blog…enjoy your rest

  65. fridah says:

    Kisses biko!! It’s so chocolatey hahaha

  66. Susan says:

    Rather than serve half cooked food you have decided to cook it fully regardless of the how hungry the gang is! I can’t wait for the dish next week. Kisses.

  67. Vero says:

    I was taking a nap, then I hear my email notification, the joy on seeing the new post email, then this!! Biko why?? Oh well, better make it up next week..

  68. It is okey (Jackson)- pun intended, be sure to come early next week. No excuses will be accepted.

  69. Juliah says:

    Kisses… how i will give anything to be that Geisha lady …. See you next week

  70. Kandovu says:

    Let him. I’d need cleansing after clinging to a fellow man’s arm in terror.
    Way Scooby jumps onto Shaggy.

  71. Winnie Muchiri says:

    Aki Biko, sawa tu.
    Storpid 😀

  72. abdullah omar says:

    ni sawa

  73. Njengah says:

    sure! as you wish chocolate man.

  74. Anne says:

    I feel played…was expecting more..kisses

  75. Sophie says:

    wait! seriously? okay kisses. wait for the cup of tea coming your way

  76. Maurice says:

    Was looking forward to this week’s post. Actually, sneaked out of office for maximum concentration only to find a paragraph. Damn! It’s like raiding a bank to steal biro pens!

  77. Elsie says:

    walks away as i whistle ” This B**ch A’int Loyal

  78. Elsie Birech says:

    walks away as i whistle ” This B**ch A’int Loyal

  79. alice says:

    Ha ha haaa… Biko, we (the gang) too are torpid. Let’s encourage each other in it.

  80. Rowsemary says:

    …Biko, I’ve been waiting for you all morning for you to tell me this?!
    If this is your idea of goodbye… Actually, you know what, just go it’s fine!

  81. Victor says:

    Biko, you are such a fraud!:)

  82. Anne says:

    Kisses chocolate man.

  83. allan says:

    Biko is in a torpid mode. How unlucky are we this week.

  84. Wanoone says:

    Aaaaaiii!!!! just like that and the way i rushed here….. sawa tu

  85. kenneth says:

    Is this the end?

  86. hyxoul says:

    so cause i decided it is that time i start commenting you tor-pid..isorait. and kisses for ladies…then whisky toast for us men itakuwa vipi?

  87. doree says:

    I go to my email. Refresh the emails.. I see bikozulu….i excuse myself from my noisy friends to read this….
    Biko noo
    Anyway you played it well with the kisses. Enjoy the rest.and wait did that geisha-like lady leave the hut?

  88. Jen says:

    Haiya! That’s it?

  89. Albino Mweusi says:

    Biko,how will you rest after kufanyia watu hivi? Been waiting whole week bwana!

  90. Sir says:

    Hahaha. the kisses

  91. Adan says:

    Biko torpid mode it is…get some rest!

  92. JB says:

    The kisses have saved you… hahaha! Mwaaaah! right back at you.
    Looking forward to next week. Enjoy untorpidizing or detorpidizing… hehe

  93. I am also torpid. I have not written anything on my ka-blog since December and I think I will continue being torpid. Torpid is good for the body. Like since I started being torpid I feel more relaxed and alive. I breathe deeper and see clearer. I love torpid. To torpid.

  94. Francis says:

    Speaking the truth Biko this week of all the days Aki don’t say bado uko January.

  95. Togom Kiprono Robert says:

    Ohh neither IEBC ,Jubilee nor Cord reached to mobile voters? Claim your portion. Who hasnt been given

  96. Kish says:

    So we waited all week for this?!?! This is unacceptable!
    And the worst part is that you started it off so well like you usually do with your captivating stories.. And then a paragraph later… I can’t..

  97. Kipkoech S says:

    Biko. That’s rude. Too short!

  98. Chela says:

    Biko, See you next week. No more trips to Qatar please.

  99. Ndiransh says:

    Oh. So ladies get kisses and the dudes don’t? That’s……like…..Racist, man. Check yourself!!!!!

  100. Esthea says:

    I find a quiet place to get my Biko dose only to find torpid. Ati torpid? Nkt, sounds like matope! Biko kwenda! Matope!

  101. Mwakisha Makoko says:

    I’ll understand your being torpid this week but come next Tuesday if you try describing another fancy word I’ll leave with that geisha girl and leave you alone in your torpidation (if there is even such a word) hehehe

  102. Black Lemon says:

    I waited 7 days. Refreshed my browser all Tuesday. And all I get is kisses? No, those were for the ladies. So I waited 7 days and refreshed my browser all Tuesday for nothing. I don’t know if am disappointed or just pissed. Mr. Chocolate man this relationship is getting abusive. If you can’t handle this then you better let me go to Ghafla! or Mpasho or somebody who will not make me wait 7 days then keep me waiting out the hut.

  103. Rosemary says:

    So be it Biko.

  104. Rosemary says:

    Biko, looks like we have some Bikoholics!
    Some serious withdrawal symptoms being exhibited by this gang.
    Can we form a Bikoholics anonymous? ….just incase you have more of this torpid moments.

  105. Denis Munuve says:


  106. Carol Mumbi says:

    Really Biko.. Was ready for a story

  107. Tobias says:

    i have to comment

  108. Wambui says:

    You go be torpid Chocolate man and enjoy yourself while at it.

  109. Debz says:

    This is emotional abuse laced with kisses.

  110. Jewels says:

    Yaani I’ve risked getting caught not working for a mere paragraph? Biko please.

  111. Rugie says: Yeah right! We got played.

  112. QSo Vosty says:

    What of didn’t get in the story is sure found it in the comments. Bumble been is the Boniface mwangi of this gang.

  113. QS Vosty says:

    What I didn’t get in the story I sure found in the comments. Bumble bee is the Boniface Mwangi of this streets.

  114. fra says:

    He is ghosting on us. That is how it starts…

  115. Gilbert says:

    Did you say torpid or stupid? What a suspense! Wanted to hear more of the little barefooted lady and all her roles in all this….

  116. this week l have been tired, weary and languid. so today l decided to check your post, for this week, only for it to be too short leaving me yearning for more sob!

  117. farady says:

    home is where the hut is

  118. Blair says:

    hehehe after all this ‘Tor-pidness’ the comments is where its at!

  119. Shaz says:

    Best read EVER!!!!! LOL!

  120. Mish says:

    This sounds like a really bad hangover. We’ll let you be chocolate man. Kisses back.

  121. Mwakisha Makoko says:

    we can do without an article this week all you need to do is read the comments, some of them are just hillarious

  122. Seneiya says:

    Ahahaha!! OK! week then.

  123. At least you taught me a new word: torpid.
    Happy Torpid state.

    Check out my blog gang:

  124. Moha says:

    In the midist of your ‘torpidity’ you put up something. The idea is to keep us going. Enjoy your rest.

  125. Jacob says:

    Let the Geisha Lady Go….

  126. Lynder says:

    I feel you on the torpid.Kisses

  127. Esenam Allen says:

    If i had an eidetic memory like that of Sheldon Cooper, i would have been be able to recite Biko’s words by-heart. I have read this particular blog post over a 100 times. And i am sure i will keep coming back here just to read it again and again.

  128. Nyamz_ says:

    Be well, xx.

  129. Suzie says:

    Really Biko?Haya enjoy your rest

  130. BikosNumber2CRITIC says:

    Yani hii space mzima ungepea guest post instead unaamua kuingia kwa hut na ku doze? smh.
    Yani hata zile copout articles zi huwa zime lay about huwezi post?
    The ones recommending to us African authors you’ve been reading or zile jungu blogs you enjoy?
    Also, no one uses torpid irl.

  131. please recover from your languidity,

  132. Grace Maina says:

    See you next week.. Ni sawa tu

  133. kibetty says:

    it’s called writer’s block………I am disappointed too but my brother Bikozulu might have had a rainy day!

  134. Amanda Akatukunda says:

    Biko,I am rather disappointed that I will not be getting my full Tuesday dose here.We all have those days when we just want to lie in a Hut in peace. Now, get some rest and be better

  135. Tess says:

    Ok Biko we understand that moment spent in that hut in that torpid state is necessary. I mean you are not a robot. Just dont let it develope into that sickness, you know that sickness. No procastination, Biko. We are waiting next week. Kisses

  136. Kimeu says:

    I wonder if the Geisha-like lady joins you in your torpid state… see you next week Biko
    no kisses for you neither

  137. Bree says:


  138. kushm says:

    biko we need our fix man, it’s been a week, do you know how long that is in cat years?

  139. African Zeal says:

    haha i am just going through the comment section, hilorious

  140. dinah says:

    the comments…lol

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