Moments of 2016

There is this guy I’m mentoring a smart and humble guy. He’s 28, jobless. It’s been a tough year for him living from hand to mouth, eking life from a bowl, counting coins, listening to the sound of his pre-paid elec meter make that beeping noise, writing, shaking bushes, praying and beating another egg on a weak fire of waning hope. He eats alone. There is nothing as stark as eating alone, everyday.

He had this chick who lent him her laptop to get some writing done because his laptop had crashed. Then things got really tough. A month ago she came to his house in the evening wearing a black dress and a dark scowl and without looking him in the eye said she felt “overwhelmed” and she wanted to “focus on her life” because she felt his problems “were slowly becoming hers” and that he should focus on his “and find someone else.” He put on a brave face and nodded, clawing at the jagged edge of dignity and self preservation. She then silently packed a few pieces of clothing she had left over, took her laptop and left. He had some unfinished writings in that laptop; pieces of himself and his thoughts, she left with those.

He sat in his single-room in his single chair and stared at the wall for a bit trying to will himself that he would get ashore. Later in bed he tossed and turned and finally at midnight, feeling wretched, his resolve breached, he picked up the phone and called. It was 1am. She sounded like she was with someone – offering one-worded answers. He did what every man hates; he pleaded with her to come back. He told her not to bloody leave, not now when all his chips are down. She was adamant; she said it was over for her.

A few days later he wrote me an email confessing that he was nursing a “terrible heartache” and he felt “horrible” because she made him feel so “inadequate.” He couldn’t believe she left because he was doing badly. I didn’t tell him this but I think 28-years isn’t a bad time to have your heart broken, it’s far much better than having your heart broken at 45. So it’s actually a good thing. Hearts heal.

That’s how this guy is ending his 2016; with a looming feeling of inadequacy, a broken heart and his finances in the pits. All of which can be fixed, thankfully. He will wake up next year and he will rise. He will get a laptop and he will keep doing what he’s passionate about – writing – and he will keep looking for opportunities and things will get better.  Maybe it’s from this darkness that his best writing will come from; something heavy with pain and anger and hopefully self deprecating. Maybe he will wake up in 2017 and say, “I want to be better than the man she left.” I hope he does, otherwise the heartache will be wasted on these emotions. I’m certain that his 2017 awaits with surprises and bountiful promises. But only if he believes it, I told him. And prays for it. Pray and believe.

One day he will look at 2016 and remember how broke he once was and how he felt when his ex walked out in that little black dress and he will wonder how in the world he let that break him. He might not know it now but this girl has done him a mighty favour. Maybe he would have gotten her pregnant because he still believes coitus interruptus works (roll eyes) then he would be a father at 30 struggling to pay for fare and she would fight him daily and call him names and he would feel small and unmanly and he would resort to booze and his life would refuse to pick up because he would have stopped believing in himself. Now he has a chance to go at it with a more significant impetus. So go for it, L.

Unlike my mentee I’ve had a truly wonderful year; 2016 has been kind to me. I come here and talk about the Lord of Abraham and about SDA manenos and you think it’s one big joke. It isn’t. Those guys in heaven have my back.

Here are some of my highlights.


Did you know that they only allow one parent in surgery? I found it unfair. Is it the space? Is there no room for a father inside surgery? When they were surgically removing Kim’s adenoids the guys at the hospital said they could only allow one parent in. “When he wakes up he needs to see a familiar face.” the lady in surgical scrubs told us. I wanted to say, “then in that case we need to bring in Catboy of PJ Mask.” Hohoho.

They said the mother should go in, let the father sit downstairs – sure, fathers will only want to touch things in surgery. So I went down and googled “risks of anaesthesia” and the first thing that popped up was, “Anaesthesia may harm children’s brains.” So I stopped. When he came to, an hour later, I held up a finger in his face and asked, “Kim, is this a finger or a pen?” He said, “Sweet.”

Close enough. Actually, when you think about it…aw forget it.

AA Gill Dies

I have read and followed this guy for the longest time. My Sunday’s at 6:30am are spent in bed reading The Sunday Times because of him (OK, and Giles Coren and Lynn Barber and Jeremy Clarkson). If there is a writing god, it’s Gill.  A few months ago he discovered he had lung cancer. Two weeks ago he died. I was shell-shocked; one moment you are here, the next Wikipedia has changed your narrative to the past tense.

If you are into travel writing read AA Gill is Away. If you are wondering if you will ever stop your drinking problem read “Pour Me: A Life.” If you want to learn how to write about food read, “ Table Talk.” If you love words read his work; it will make you laugh, horrify you at times, and bewilder you with its brilliant prose and cheek. Then it will leave you bereft and moanful. RIP Gill.

Talking of books…

“Dogs, being wordless, can only be mirrors of their humans. It’s not their fault that their people are fatally flawed.” That’s a line of Lauren Groff’s ‘Fate and Furies’ my book of 2016. It’s tragic, yes, but it’s a beautifully narrated tragedy. Read it. Mathilde will steal your heart but then Lotto will break it.

Another bonus read: The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien. Read it on a Sunday as the kettle boils.

A Hard Question

We were from the salon in Westy one Sato. She – my ride or die – was seated at the passenger seat her nails freshly done because you don’t want some horny goat one day in her late teenage throwing mani-pedi’s as a seduction incentive to rope her in. (Yeah, make it harder for them). She suddenly turned to me and asked “Papa, why is it called Naked Pizza?” The earth shimmered on its axis.I kept a straight face and stared hard ahead at the road. Yeah, I wondered, why is it called Naked Pizza? What had it been stripped off to be referred to as naked? When they say extra toppings do they mean that they are layering? And so if the top is off, is it naked? Does pizza have boobs? And why are other pizzas not getting naked? Are they not hot enough in this heat? What are they afraid of? What are they hiding? Are other pizzas – like Mambo Italia, or 360 degrees – not proud of their (cheesy) bodies to show them off? Most importantly, how can we as parents be expected to raise well adjusted children if we can’t even explain to them why pizza can opt to be naked? Is this the democracy they speak of?

Turning 39.

I turned 39 years in October. I’m in my final year to the fourth floor. I’m leaving third floor and I won’t miss it. I won’t specifically miss the rubbish insecurities of the early 30’s. I’m growing a bigger and ghastly beard – some of which is turning white. Tamms absolutely hates it. She says, “Papa, why don’t you shave this?” Well, she can kiss my ass. It’s my beard and my life. (Sulks). Thankfully, Kim loves it. He strokes it. It’s a guy thing. How does the final year of 30’s feel like? Well, liberating. There are no more fucks left in my pocket to give, for one. The excuses I used to give myself are getting lesser and lesser. I joined a gym to (try) rid off the flab in my midsection. I joined a spin class for crying out loud, spin class! If you would have told me at 34 that I will be spending my Wednesday mornings cycling a stationary bike with a bunch of girls (and men) in tight things I would have said you must be losing your marbles. I await for my 40’s with relish because I will go in on my own terms. Inshallah.

Of the Departed

A friend of mine lost her brother early this year and was going to view the body of her dead brother at the morgue and asked me how it is to view a body. (Yeah, because I have experience). I told her to touch him. Touch your dead brother. When we went to view my mom’s body in the morgue she had this vein popping at the side of her head – like death had given her a bad migraine. I remember touching that vein. It was cold and hard, like it had solidified, turned to ice. I have never forgotten how it felt and somehow I’m glad I did. I regret touching my grandfather, though. He lay in this long fancy coffin, coiffed in a crisp white shirt and a black suit. Even death couldn’t steal Jackshon’s elegance. Then we buried him as the sun rode west on a cloud of sorrow. I should have touched him. My friend touched her brother on the forehead. She says she has never forgotten the feeling. She won’t regret it. Should death visit you in the coming year (touch wood) you should touch your departed loved ones. I suspect the dead want to be touched in farewell.

A message from our last sponsors of 2016.

Do you know GreenPark housing development along Mombasa Road? The gated community with those fancy houses with long driveways  and clubhouses and gym and green backyard. They have this thing called TBYB (Try Before You Buy) thing where you pay 20K and live in the fully furnished house you plan to buy for four nights. If you like it the amount is deducted from the booking fee. They also have this one called  BOLT where you buy the houses within a period of one to three years on an agreed monthly deposit. The idea is to buy your house in a fixed price over an agreed period of time without having to take a bank mortgage. If you are planning on owning a digs and you want to pay it pole pole over time and not take a massive bank loan, check that out.

My best Interview of 2016

I went over to John Sibi Okumu’s home, we sat up in his study in the attic where the roof slanted over us and his hundreds and hundreds of books stared at us from every space on the wall making it some literal colosseum. It’s also there that I saw a stack of VHS tapes after dog years. Intense, windy, accommodating, curt sometimes, and eloquent, Sibi’s interview didn’t even need me. It was lighting a candle during daylight. Sibi was deep and I remember folding my trousers up to the knees and wading through his cerebral and leaving there feeling somewhat unlearned and buzzed with inspiration and bewilderment at how much further I might have to go to get somewhere.–the-master-of-many-trades/1248928-3320026-4jpkhmz/index.html

Thank you.

Thanks to Yvonne and Ciku who have edited my rubbish typos here this year. You ladies are a scream. Unfortunately my typos won’t get better next year, so please don’t abandon me. I appreciate your time and skill.

Happy Holidays.

Thank you for coming here every Tuesday. It’s been a real pleasure having you here and reading from you. Not to sound like your mom, but don’t drink and drive. That shit kills people. Get an Uber, makes everybody’s life simpler and safer.

I would like to ask just one question before I pen off. And this is to the guys seated at the front row. There is one question I have been asked constantly by people who read this blog and don’t comment: “What’s the story with that first to comment thing, Biko, they irritate me!” I honestly don’t know either! It’s as baffling to me as it is to you, because it’s not like I give free shaving hampers from Philips for those who comment first.

Could the guys who come here and write “first to comment” tell us today what this is about? And is there a way we can help you guys in 2017 to read first before you jump to comment? The guys seated at the back might sleep better (and stop demanding answers from me). We just want to work together in 2017. How can we do that?

Anyhow, thank you for reading. Stay safe. The last person here should switch off the lights…after reading that is.

See you in 2017. Inshallah.


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    ” When he came to, an hour later, I held up a finger in his face and asked, “Kim, is this a finger or a pen?” He said, “Sweet.” This cracked me up a good one.
    2016 has been a good one for sure. This year i personally read some really sad stories that made me feel so sad about life, some made me laugh so hard while others truly inspired me. Looking forward to a better 2017. Wish every gang member a happy festive season. Dear First to comment peeps please leave that demon in 2016. Please. Resist the temptation in 2017.

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  108. Your mentee should chin up. It’s not the end of the world, things will look better as long as he keeps trying,
    Those who say ‘Life begins at 40’ were right. You learn not to sweat out the small stuff.
    May you and your family enjoy the Saviour’s love this Christmas. Have a prosperous 2017!

  109. Jay Jey says:

    Happy holidays! It’s been a pleasure
    reading, captivating, and atimes

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    Thank you Chocolate Man for giving us a glimpse into your insightful world. I wanna be you when I grow up, Merry Christmas and an even more blessed 2017!

  116. Roselyne says:

    *Switches off the lights*. Happy holidays good people and this sure, fathers will only want to touch things in surgery. So I went down and googled “risks of anaesthesia” and the first thing that popped up was, “Anaesthesia may harm children’s brains.” So I stopped. When he came to, an hour later, I held up a finger in his face and asked, “Kim, is this a finger or a pen?” He said, “Sweet.” got me on the floor,lol

  117. Josephine says:

    Happy holidays Biko. Thank you for making my Tuesday mornings feel alive.

  118. Kate says:

    But there is a whole Tuesday left in this year, Biko? What did 27th ever do to you for you to act like it doesn’t exist?! It just wants to be loved and recognised as a Tuesday for crying out loud. Because not everyone gets to be the last Tuesday of the year! Acknowledge it Biko!

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  123. Kenyan Lawyer says:


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    to quit. “Pour Me A Life” will see me through. Inshallah.

  127. Redempta Bisangwa says:

    When he came to, an hour later, I held up a finger in his face and asked, “Kim, is this a finger or a pen?” He said, “Sweet.” I had a good laugh on this one.
    Thank you for making my hard 2016 worthwhile through your interesting articles,had generally good time laughing at almost everything written(okay of course not the sad stories) May the guy your are mentoring find peace, joy and blessings in the year 2017.

    Happy holidays to you and your family Biko , happy holidays to the rest of us, blessings upon blessings as we end the year 2016 and prepare for an excellent 2017.

    NB:Hahahahaha the people that write: i am the first to comment should come on here and give us an explanation.

  128. Geoff says:

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  133. JK says:

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  134. Linda Musimbi says:

    This year has been quite hard for me too. I had never imagined that at 24, I would be jobless and still living at home with my parents. I wish I had it any other way, and at 24, you still have many fucks to give…lol!Hope things will be better next year though. I have really loved your writing this year, Tamm’s Diary being the best so far. Plus I hope wherever Enid is still, she is still going strong

  135. Kisenya Jesse says:

    There is one question I have been asked constantly by people who read this blog and don’t comment: “What’s the story with that first to comment thing, Biko, they irritate me!” I honestly don’t know either! It’s as baffling to me as it is to you, because it’s not like I give free shaving hampers from Philips for those who comment first.” <—- This one LOL. Happy holidays to you Biko and the gang! Stay safe, we need each other in 2017.

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  137. Amani says:

    hiBiko. I still cant forget the stories you wrote in October. stories about real people. stories of death. cancer. heartbreak. resilience. adversity. how you told those stories inspired me a lot. thats why in 2017, i plan to enroll in a story telling course, and hopefully thereafter tell real stories about real people. see you in 2017. Merry Christmas and happy new year Biko.

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    Otherwise,(hehe, typical Kenyan!)It has been a great year for the gang as you have inspired, entertained and enlightened us. Keep it up Chocolate man, some of us look up to you.

  143. Yobesh Onsomu says:

    Inshallah Biko.Happy Holidays too.

  144. Dreamchaser says:

    Guess today is as good as any other day for this back bencher to try and make it to the front row. Discovered you this year and already a Gang life member. To the 28 year old, keep the faith, stay the course and keep this thought in mind, when you are a famous writer like chocolate man, she will curse her lack of foresight.Most of us learnt to succeed from failing so many times. Take it from someone who not so long ago considered herself a total failure just because life didn’t follow the beaten path. The great ones are meant to beat their own paths. Merry Christmas gang and a prosperous 2017

  145. American height says:

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    Happy Holidays Chocolate Man and may your new year be better than this year!
    You have made my Tuesdays… and tell your mentee to keep his head up!!!

  148. Ooga Tony says:

    Nice read as usual Biko, Merry Christmas and prosperous 2017.

  149. fl says:

    to you too…
    ps…eating alone is not stark. I have done it/ still do it everyday since 2009…

  150. sharl says:

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    forward to every Tuesday.

  151. Black Parrot says:

    happy holidays old man, you illuminated our Tuesdays… and a great rundown for the year that was (am I allowed to say that?) PS don’t choke on chapo we need you in 2017!

  152. Dawn says:

    Thank you for making us look forward to Tuesdays, for changing people’s lives in ways you might never know and for being Real.
    Next year, what about writing more about Tamms and Kim? They make such refreshing writing! And maybe the missus here and there…
    Happy holidays! Wish you a happier and fulfilling 2017!

  153. samuel oloo says:

    On the issue of whether your baby saw a finger or a pen, he was right. Come to think of it. What do they like sucking even when you forbid them; fingers of course! Could be a form of sweet to them.
    BTW C-Man,today, I just knocked off my last year on the third floor(sic) as well. Raring to step onto the fourth. Do ask me how it feels;I should know. Happy holidays and keep fam safe. Baraka tele.

  154. Ms. Kadzo says:

    Biko, thanks for keeping me reading in 2016 and am looking forward to a fruitful 2017. Happy holidays everyone. For those traveling don’t be quite if you are being driven carelessly. PEACE ✌

  155. Ri says:

    And those ‘first to comment’ guys disappeared today.Happy holidays BikoFamily. This may sound wierd but we should have a ‘meet and greet’ party for the enthusiats at least if not membership numbers!!

  156. Nyabuti Valentine says:

    I loved Sibi’s interview

    • Charles Kagana says:

      ‘You taught, but what did the world teach you?’ No wonder JSO doesn’t grant interviews to rubbish journalists.

  157. Jamy says:

    Happy holidays.4th floor sounds like a good place. Hope to see it Inshallah

  158. Njagi says:

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  159. Carol Ohonde says:

    Blessed Christmas and a happy prosperous new year to you and yours!

  160. Charles Kagana says:

    Hang in there, L., just hang in there. It may be dark right now, but towards morning, dawn will break and then the sun will shine. We must never let ourselves be scorned by those who have given less than us.

  161. Simotien says:

    Can’t be thankfull enough for this year. The start was gloomy but it all brightened with time. L, keep your chin up, with each sunrise you have a fresh start. Thank you Biko for the Tuesday treats. And to the Gang, cheers and Inshallah.

  162. jackline says:

    i loved reading your stories every Tuesdays, I enjoyed reading true love
    magazines last page from the salon under the drier.
    looking forward to more laughter and inspiration from you in 2017.
    enjoy your holidays all

  163. Khimani says:

    The Story about your mentee takes me back to my first heartbreak at 24…I was jobless,Poor,hungry,ugly (people look like shit when broke ), In cheap mitumbas and living in a small single room in Dandora without electricity.
    My girlfriend of several months made an impromptu visit,I never wanted her to.. she just wanted to unveil this boyfriend…

    A week later…she told me she wasn’t that serious with a relationship,and I am a good man..”its not about you,its me”..she lied ..I knew it,we both knew why..I was too broke.

    She lifted the veil of innocence from my eyes and am thankful she broke my heart at 23,I have seen my friends tread the path at 33,or 35..and it’s devastating.

    Good thing with being heartbroken while broke is,..You heal both maladies at the same time..bad thing is,you will never forget people are mean and it’s easy to become heartless too and even when you make it, you will always see people as fake..they are with you because you have something.
    Tell the guy that’s a path most of us have used,and we became better (or worse) human does definitely change you,..You’ll never see the world the same again,..he will literally understand the saying..”We see the world as we are,not as it is”.

    • Kimani says:

      Not all girls are after money my friend….if only you knew this girl like i do….Biko should be kind enough and tell her side of the story….yes Biko tell us how your mentee was the woman and the relationship and how the ‘girl’ helped him with bills such as rent etc etc

  164. June says:

    I have enjoyed every word you have penned this year.may your forehead keep growing so it can churn out more:-) happy holidays

  165. Delphin says:

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  171. Gamal says:

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  173. Brenda says:

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  174. TheBlackKennedy says:

    ” There is nothing as stark as eating alone, everyday. ”


  175. Dorothy Maingi says:

    Of the departed…..I wish I touched my dad’s forehead, but he looked so real and full of life I was afraid to never let go,now I know better. Thank you Biko for the stories,you inspired and entertained me,I am a better person because of you,may God expand your boundaries and increase your wisdom, happy holidays the gang,you all are a wonderful family *lights off*

  176. Denis says:

    Happy holidays ….

    At last……

    *Light off*

  177. Sam le grand says:

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  181. David Kamau says:

    Cat boy from PJ Mask, I know the feeling

  182. Wamrose says:

    For me 2016 started at a relatively low note. I was jobless and I was struggling to pay rent let alone feed myself and kid sister. Came June 2016, I got a job with a very reputable company and the package is amazing. Fast forward to three months ago, my then boyfriend of three years told me he was coming to visit and I got excited and started celebrated 2016 as the year that was meant to be. He came to Kenya on the last week of November and everything was perfect. We went to Diani, did all the things tourist do and I knew he was going to propose to me. On our last night in Diani, he woke me up at 2am and said he wanted to talk. In my head I was thinking this is it, he is going to ask me to marry him. little did I know he was breaking up with me, apparently he has been having doubts about the relationships and he feels it would not work.
    In conclusion i am stuck listening to Adele and Celine Dion and I cant stand my own company.
    I have decided to work myself to death and i wish the holiday seasons would just disappear or end soon.

  183. Blair says:

    For three Years in a row, this is the article that got all our comments replied to,
    except it looks likes chocolate “homme de chocolat” decided to switch the lights off himself before we got in…
    Biko, where are our replies this year?? Happy Holidays Gang!

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    A friend recommended this blog to me only a month ago. So far, so good.I like It.
    Well done Biko.

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    * light off *
    holiday mood activated

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    Biko…nice reads all through… one can read reread the same stuff all through!!
    see you then

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    beating another egg on a weak fire of waning hope. He
    eats alone…… cool!!!

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    Happy Holidays to you too Biko I really enjoyed this year cause I got to read all your articles, from the start. I have soo many favourites but the one that I won’t forget is the one where you went to Taita for the safaricom callender, I am from Taita and I felt for you especially having to brace the chilly morning to go take sunrise photos and then the guy decides they ain’t worth submitting, am actually surprised you guys didn’t shove him off the cliff hehehe!

  197. Dexterous says:

    For a moment I thought you were writing about me, Biko. Why? Because my similar to that of the guy in this story. Stagnant, desperate and frustrated. But hopefuly determined and prayerful. Like him, 2016 has been the worst year of my adult life, alone and aching. But then i’ll keep pursuing what av always wanted to pursue, am optimistic I’ll start doing what av always wanted to do, what av always been passionate about: writing.
    So as we bid farewell to 2016, we look forward to a better, promising 2017. One we’ll definately call our year. Thanx for the encouragement, Biko. I hope perhaps I’ll get to meet this guy one and we’ll come back with a truimphant testimony. Happy holidays, Biko.

  198. Modise says:

    I held my dads hand while he was taking his last breath on the 15th of April some mimutes to 1am…i will live wth that forever

  199. Shi says:

    “Should death visit you in the coming year (touch wood) you should touch your departed loved ones. I suspect the dead want to be touched in farewell.”

    I regret not touching my late father lying in the morgue years ago. I didn’t realize it was a ‘thing’.

    Thanks Biko. It’s been a good year.

  200. Susan says:

    I can relate. Early this month I was gonna throw in the towel in a relationship and on the same day I read my star, I never ever read that section of the newspaper! Guess what I read “things may seem quite tough at the moment but hung in there as the future looks good…..”. Anyway thanks Biko for making my Tuesdays in 2016, I laughed, I cried, I shivered etc. Happy holidays and may God bless you, Mrs, Tamms and Kim. Nimezima lights.

  201. Aly says:

    It’s been a year with great ‘highs’ and crushing ‘lows’, but this has always been my comfort spot(blog), here’s to a happier 2017. Happy holidays gang.
    Lights out!

  202. Milka says:

    Waving bye to you as the sun sets behind me. It’s been a good year. See you in 2017! Baraka.

  203. Kevin says:

    Absolutely amazing read as always. I hope Kim finally realised the finger was not a sweet after all hehe.
    Happy holiday to you Biko, the family and every High School member. May the new year bring you all more joy, blessings and fulfillment. Cheers!

  204. Njooro says:

    It’s been a good year. We’ve gone places and had fun. Let’s toast to a New and even better year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year Gang.

  205. Noureen says:

    Not first to comment
    I like your out look…cheers to a better 2017.

  206. Patricia says:

    lights out!!!! Confirmed From the back bench

  207. Biegon says:

    Happy holidays Biko and gang.lights off. See you 2017.

  208. Peter says:

    This is to you, L. Take heart. Hustle like crazy and believe 2017 has better tidings for you. I don’t know this for sure but I also believe hearts heal. Take the pain, betrayal, anguish, frustration and helplessness and transform them into a source of inspiration. Focus. Love yourself and hit the road, brother. Let the that image of her in that black dress be a reminder of what it feels like to be left because you don’t have it figured out. Then grind. Do all it takes to uphold your integrity and manly dignity by all means. It might be rough and you might still be thinking about her 6 months later, but don’t let anyone make you feel inadequate again. And keep praying that your heart won’t turn into a stone that can never love fully. Pray that one day you’ll be able to love fiercely, selflessly and vulnerably. But for now, you need some money. Someday I hope to hear a story on how you recovered and rose again

  209. Mimi says:

    Last to comment. I switched have switched off the lights

  210. Mimi says:

    Last to comment. I have switched off the lights.

  211. Virgy says:

    Nice read Biko,,,happy holidays to you

  212. Bad One says:

    There are no more fucks left in my pocket to give. I just read that readers don’t like first to comment. Last to comment as i switch off the lights.

  213. verohnjuru says:

    Thank you for making me smile and sometimes repressing laughter that eventually came out loud every Tuesday. it is always refreshing. happy holidays!!

  214. kish says:

    happy holidays all. Be safe

  215. Kimutai says:

    thx for the posts, enjoy your holidays, been a while lets catch up in the New Year.

  216. Annette says:

    Switching off the lights. In this context, cerebrum would apply better, as opposed to cerebral, unless you meant cerebellum, Ciku and Yvonne kindly look those up….anyway
    Happy holidays chocolate man and gang

  217. Dee says:

    Another great article. I have had a blast of year and learnt alot.There is a Podcast based in South Africa that I have been listening to this year.Very helpful and motivating, you guys should check it
    Enjoy holidays everyone.

  218. Igecha Eric says:

    Yaaay……I’m the last to comment. Nobody dare take the crown from me 🙂

  219. Naitore says:

    It’s 25th Christmas Day..and I am on the road to be with Family, was wondering what to do for the next 2hrs,then I remembered that Chocolate man got my back. Happy Holidays Biko.

  220. Kay says:

    Happy holidays Biko.
    P.s maybe its called Nkaed pizza because its morally wrong to just be “healthy” pizza it’s been striped of its dignity of being a regular fatty cheesy unhealthy artery clogging deliciousness

  221. ken kimeu says:

    nimezima stima guys. …happy holidays.

  222. Reuben says:

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  223. Alfred says:

    Great read as always Biko. Looking forward to reading more posts in 2017. Happy holidays gang!!

  224. Mwash says:

    Happy Holidays Chocolate man

  225. Kennedy Ngei says:

    Your articles have become like a drug that i keep coming back for more.Providing something witty and interesting to read be it when am stuck in the never ending Nairobi traffic jam or pretending to be working(don’t tell my boss,i still need this job). Reading your articles makes me want to start writing but when i actually pick up a pen and start scribbling,i realize i suck and go back and read some more of your stuff.Thanks for being the writer that i wish i could be if i didn’t have the habit of not finishing what i have….

  226. Zorroellie says:

    Anyone else wanna say anything….the nays have it. Goodbye 2016…Click!!…(lights off)

  227. Sir Kev says:

    Happy holidays Gang. Arrive alive, don’t drink and drive. Cheers

  228. Biko, I discovered you this year and I haven’t regretted doing so. Your stories have blessed me greatly. Can’t wait to read more of you in 2017. Merry Christmas .

  229. Noni says:

    1st comment from me….thank you Biko, for an exhilarating 5 years or so….or when did you change the webpage?

    Every post has had a few favourite lines, but there are people whose warm veins I continue to feel many months down the line….and hope for a hidden trilogy every time I check in.

    So how about you hook me up with Jonah, yes the Kilifi guy who equally loves Nina Simone and Delores….and Enid who understandably pulled down her blog and internet presence, following unnecessary insensitivity….

    Happy to send through emails to forward to them and they can choose whether to get back.

    Thank you for all you are to the gang….and cheers to an even greater year ahead!

  230. Matumbo ya Thate says:

    Nice read and a better way to end the year. Happy new year Amigos!!!

  231. Kevin says:

    It’s been a great year folks. May 2017 be full of more laughter, blessings and fulfillment. Peace!
    *Lights out.

  232. Chet says:

    Since I shall never be 1st to comment, I shall be the last to do so in 2016.
    Thanks chocolate man for the dedication and happy New year!
    Look forward to many years ahead.
    God bless you and family.

    Ps. Matumbo ya Thate pole sana you are second last

  233. Chet says:

    Lights out..

  234. shuhhy says:

    *lights on*..who’s here? hello? .. seems it’s only me , the words and myself . Thanks Chocolate man for a fantastic year here’s to another one.

    (lights out ..dismantles the socket)for the record I was here last:-):-)

  235. Peter Gitonga says:

    I enjoyed reading this article. Hope to read more this year.

  236. Solace says:


    So I’ve been meaning to ask, are you doing a Fred Matiangi blog? Pretty pleeeease, do I be.. I really want your take on this one

  237. Shaz says:

    Happy New Year Biko! Here’s to an awesome 2017

  238. Sandra says:

    Happy new year chocolate man, looking forward to reading more from you.

  239. bankelele says:

    Have a great 2017.

  240. Sally says:

    To a 2017 of more amazing pieces from you!

  241. Mercy says:

    Reading this in 2017 after the lights had been turned off. Happy new year folks. Looking forward to many more words from chocolate man.

  242. Irene Wanderi says:

    Hahahahahaha. Reading this too Now. and nope I am the one to switch off the lights. Nobody switches off lights during holidays. Puh!

  243. Kare Maina says:

    Good read.

    Switching off the lights!

  244. Matt says:

    Last to comment,how about that?
    Enjoy your 2017 y’all.

  245. Kevin says:

    Last to comment,….lights off now

  246. Zippy says:

    Last comment, lights on coz its 2017

  247. Mariam says:

    Feeling rejuvenated. 2016 gave me a career and a son. On hell of a year. Alhamdhillah… Allow me to switch off the lights!!!

  248. Wamalwa Erick Wamalwa says:

    Great piece.

  249. Air Hostess says:

    We cannot fight change, but there is something intriguing about a shelf full of books. I know it’s cool now to own a kindle (I got one too) and all those audio books (don’t know if I will ever listen to an audio book..) but nothing spells intellect and culturedness like a magnificent shelf of books in someone’s home. That John Sibi Okumu’s interview was the highlight for me. Very down to earth with so much to be admired about. Him allowing you to interview him says a lot about you too!

  250. Orina says:

    Did anyone capture that in the interview JSO had wanted Bob Dylan to win the nobel prize for poetry and he did win it in october 2016. #Lightsoff

  251. Edwin Wabunoha says:

    Wow, thank you!

  252. Milka says:

    How far I must go to get somewhere

  253. alice says:

    Who the hell switched the lights on again?

  254. Kimani says:

    If I had someone so kind as that girl to lend me her laptop,I would appreciate her with much more kindness than asking Biko to tell the world about my break up.
    Infact…who calls at 1am and expects the receiver to be full of energy and excitement?
    What if she really was with someone?did you take time to think who it could be?i.e Siblings?
    Does she owe him anything more than one word answers?

    Biko says ‘his problems were becoming hers’
    Clearly,if she was a student ,she probably needed the laptop for school work.

    How many other things did she do for him?
    I don’t know why our society is led to believe that girls are only after money if they can’t be with a broke man….
    I say kudos for keeping up with his life struggles for as long as she could

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