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Not Gonna Start A War


Kids. What an unending paradox. My son, 6, can never sit still. He constantly wants to challenge time. He wants to leave the room. Now. His legs jerk under tables. He paces around while we wait; standing on tiptoes …

They Didn’t Like Dogs


The neighbours fought constantly because of their dog. Rather, their mothers did. Their dog – a scruffy hound called Panther – would make a hole beneath the fence and knock over the trash bin outside their kitchen, rummage through


All These Birds


There was this time I was down in South coast doing a story about the birds of the Arabuko Sokoke Forest. Yes, a story about freaking birds! I know zip about birds, and I do not particularly care for …

Mama Fei


They dragged his ass to court. He was shoeless, penniless, and out of luck. He stood in the dock, blinking in the bright light of justice. The judge, a stern lady of the Vioja Mahakamani disposition, never once looked