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The ClothsHorse Wearing His Heart.

A beautiful brown coat hangs on the empty chair. It is checked and looks woollen, but I could be wrong because I’m the last person to comment on fabric. But I know silk and how it runs away from hands and feels –

Perspectives From the Shampoo Sink

Two weeks ago I sat with this person and they told me something very dark and beautiful about their lives. We agreed I’d write about it. And I wrote about it. On Sunday I told them I had finished writing it and it was running today.

Vintage is the new Black

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by Margaret Muiruri

History was always a snooze fest for me. I love a creative approach to anything, and my history teachers were anything but creative. Their great joy lay in dates,

Let’s Steal The Dera

Wearing a Dera feels like a dip in a hot tub after a long day, with a mojito in hand and a dude in your brain. This is one item I picked up in one of my many travels that landed me in La Costa.

With This Ring

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I call her Reena. Princess Reena. The first instant I saw her I gasped. Mother of pearl! That is adorable! She is the sweetest thing I’ve ever known. Every time I look at her,

Everybody’s Furry!

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There is something about a woman in a short dress. The way the dress stops and her legs just start. And when the wind blows against her, stretching the fabric across her body, the world collectively holds its breath.