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Stay Still

I saw this kid once at Big Square, Lavington Curve, speaking on the mobile phone. She was about 5/6years old, protectively clutching a Winnie the Pooh doll under her armpit. “I was not sure what to order,” she was saying,”…yes,

Kissed By A Dad

It’s a fine time to be a father. A great time actually, because the bar our fathers set is absurdly low. I mean, how hard was it to be a father in the 70’s or 80’s?

Tony Mochama On Fatherhood

I told someone that Tony was up this week to write about fatherhood and they said astonished, “What? Tony is a father?!” And I said, “Yep, kwani? Why are you surprised?” and they said,

Kim Meets Sam

Sam, my barber for dogs years, wears his trousers just above his navel. He’s always worn them that way. That’s who he is, that’s his equilibrium. His world feels safer that way. He’s very neat,

And Now A Word From A Single Mother

Julie Masiga is a lawyer turned journalist. Trained law in the UK, worked in a law firm, came back to Kenya in 2000, worked for some NGO working with refugees, resigned, became a freelance writer,

Growing up

Sometimes I run into a male reader who says, “Your fatherhood pieces sometimes makes me wish I was a father. You must be good at it.” I’m not. Truth is, there are many fathers I know who I admire who are fully engaged and seem more involved.