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At 4.

I’m the kind of guy who makes decisions in his digs. I’m clinically decisive. I don’t wobble and fumble about with decisions. I make tough calls all the time. There are no referendums in my house,

Babies into ladies

We spend a great deal of our adult lives chasing down other people’s daughters. We promise them the world when we haven’t understood the world ourselves. We tell them we love them when all we really would love is to see their inner thighs.


My father hates Nairobi. He says it’s become uninhabitable – his words. There are two things that make him come to Nairobi; a death or a wedding. Over the weekend he was around for the latter and whenever he’s around I’m tasked with the thankless,

Slices of fatherhood

This week I will make this pithy. It’s about fatherhood. I will explain why if you stay around long enough. Every 7.50am I usually open the back door to let my little girl in the car.

Cry child, cry

Aga Khan Hospital’s third floor, which houses the maternity unit, is a truly haunted wing. Ironically, although this section of the hospital is where life is conceived, it’s also the part of the hospital that is defined by such torture and pain.