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Oh Kenchic, Where at Thou?

One day our kids will be teenagers and they will live in a world without lions. Because there will only be about five left. Five lions, two black rhinos and about 30 million baboons.

Brunching off at 360 Degrees

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I get wildly excited by the prospect of going to brunch because very little effort is required on my part. All I have to do is eat; people watch, give and receive gossip.  I’ve called a friend to join me and she’s obliged without much persuasion.


Posted on 79 2

By Sophie Gitonga I Resident Foodie

I’m in Uganda for the umpteenth time this year. A cousin is getting married and I’m here to celebrate with her. In truth, I’m also here on an eating excursion.

The Closer

Posted on 96 2

I’m in Tanga. (Virtually, at least) Standing outside an ominous door. Inside resides fear. And a special breed of horror. Until I tell you about this soon,  I will leave you in the good hands of our resident foodie,

Graze Steakhouse

Posted on 81 1

by Sophie Gitonga  (Resident Foodie)

It’s been an awkward time for meat lovers like me. We are being asked to leave what the WHO would describe as an abusive relationship.

Goat Days

Posted on 240 2

The first time I met Sophie Gitonga she was attending my Second Creative Writing Masterclass, early this year. The odd ones always stand out in a room. First day, before the class commenced,