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Pain And Sweat

Have you ever found yourself at a road junction, sitting in traffic that isn’t moving, and there is a car on your left that wants to come onto the road and you have an opportunity to let them in because it’s not like you are in a mighty hurry?

Ships In The Night

The truth is that daktari is not going to find love in those emails. She was never going to find love in those emails. Actually, it’s going to be many, many years before she finds love.

A Man. A Table. A Chair.

It all started with a girl. I’m sure you all remember her. The dancer. The doctor girl who saves children in ICU. The one who hadn’t been on a date this year. So she wanted a man,

How It Feels Like To Be Blind

First, can I just say that nobody uses the word ‘blind’ to describe us anymore? Just the same way you don’t say ‘disabled person’ because surely, the person has to come before their disability.

Mama Pendo

Have you ever met a lady you are acquainted with and she has this a ka-small bump where her stomach once lay flat, and you silently wonder to yourself whether she is pregnant or she just had a large pizza with too many toppings?

Looking For A Date

A while back, a friend asked me to hook her up with one of my “interesting friends.” She had just turned 40, great job, mortgage, drove a German car and drank premium vodka, no man.