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Case for Sponsors

A Kenyan lady  somewhere in the Europe sent a message to my inbox: “Hello Jackson,  I know that many Kenyans out there are roasting girls over this issue of girls going out with guys old enough to be their fathers.


Have you ever driven against a wave of manual labourers rushing to work? A horde of them, wearing shades of brown, jackets with tired linings, scruffy shoes and flailing hands, trudging like an army marching to a war they have already lost.

Men and Women of Letters

A girl from USIU shows up at our office to interview me. She’s a brown, fragile-looking girl with a thin smile and laughter that can’t fit in her fist. Joy Ruguru. She’s wearing these round-toed flat shoes and somewhat rose-tinted spectacles.

Oh Kenchic, Where at Thou?

One day our kids will be teenagers and they will live in a world without lions. Because there will only be about five left. Five lions, two black rhinos and about 30 million baboons.


I don’t need to reintroduce Nduta, do I? Neither do I need to rehash Dar’. Or how twisted you guys are here. The response, even surprised her. But she feels that the story may have cast her as a one dimensional kind of chick.

The Pool Guy

So you check into a hotel for a short holiday, right? If you are checking into a ritzy hotel like the Serena Zanzibar (incredible place!), a pleasant porter called Yusuf or Hussein, will grab your bags and lead you to your room while asking where you are from,