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Nairobi Men

I lived in Kampala (or Champara) for three years. The city on seven hills, they call it. For those three years we tried to have fun on a shoe-string budget, as only students can.


I’ve written about women for six years now. This is the same as writing for women. What this means is, not that I understand women more than the next guy, but that I have honed the skill of bullshitting.


There are guys who work hard at being men. Then there are guys who are just men. A real man doesn’t nurse his manhood. Check this. A month ago a pal of mine called me on a loose Friday and asked me to meet him at a pub where he was kicking it with this new talent he had sort of started seeing and wanted me to meet and scale on a Richter.


Disclaimer: Right off the bat; this blog respects its readers and thus wouldn’t want to offend them. But having said that, don’t forget – dear reader – that this blog is largely about art and art is borderless in terms of how far you can push its creativity.