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Posted on 39 7

Something about Saturdays that I love. The looseness of it all, the unaffected air that hangs. Saturdays is the day the lord has chosen. If Saturday was a person it would be like Toni Braxton licking an ice-cream.

The running man

Posted on 44 5

Every guy has a private moment. A time when they plunge into themselves and everything fades to grey. Some people have that moment in the car, sitting in traffic with that faraway look. Some have it in a bar,

Images from coast

Posted on 11 2


At dawn every day he wobbles on the desolate beach. At dawn every day for the past 6yrs he sits at the same spot.

How they wait….

Posted on 14 7

It’s freakin’ cold. I’m seated on a metallic chair, those ugly silver chairs at the airport. I have over an hour to my flight. I hate waiting, so to kill time I have decided to write something senseless and idle,

The jump

Last weekend. The Lewa Marathon, location? Somewhere in the belly of Isiolo.  I travelled down in a vanful of Safaricom customer service executives. Yes, I believe that’s how one of them introduced themselves;

My life in crime…

Posted on 43 9

I have a cousin, let’s call him Farouk. He’s about 5’6’’, slim, chocolate. Farouk is a people’s person. He is the kind of guy who gets along with anyone! The life of the party.