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Posted on 9 6

I was in the Mara over the weekend. Yes, first time in the Mara for me. It was media trip organized by Sarova hotel. That sounds a bit misleading because it sounds somewhat studios.


There are three countries in Africa I’ve always wanted to visit. Cape Town, because perhaps it’s the coolest city in Africa, bubbly with culture and the best shoreline ever (I really don’t care for the Table Mountain,

Sir, please wait for the Chinese to serve….

This post is going to be totally diarrheic and blonde. I don’t have anything groundbreaking to write about, okay, at least I’m not in that frame of mind. So yes, this is going to be very random.

“Have you ever killed a lion?”

Posted on 36 8

Meet Gesengei. He’s Samburu. The thing with Samburus is that everybody mistakes them for the Maasai. It pisses them off, and rightfully so. It’s like someone who keeps calling you James when you are Martin and you can’t muster enough nerve to tell them that (cue: shouting) your name is freaking Martin!