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Cry for Lamu

Posted on 32 0

Remember those old men of Lamu? Them with the long white beards and faces carved by the sea’s tough hands? The ones who used to huddle by the seafront at night, sipping kahawa chungu from steaming tiny tin mugs and staring out into the sea with faded nostalgic grins?

Day Eight #UnexpectedKenya

Posted on 16 0

End of the road…not for us.

This is going to be a quickie. After one week we part ways with these two gentlemen. Now, I won’t say they have been like family,

Day Seven #UnexpectedKenya

Posted on 16 1

Turtle Bay Resort’s kitchen staff meandered, dancing their way around tables last night, carrying this chair adorned with leaves and twigs, like an imperial chair reserved for royalty. They struck at pots and pans and drums,

The Shoe #UnexpectedKenya

Posted on 56 0

It’s 6pm. Kevin is doing his last shoot of the day at the Buntwani jetty in Malindi. His cast is a group of Giriama dancers dancing (more like gyrating) at the beach. The sun is curtseying out stage left.

A Team That Prays Together #UexpectedKenya

Posted on 66 1

We normally pray before we leave. Since Kevin started it, he normally leads the prayers. I know what you are thinking; that we hold hands in a circle and someone sings a short dull Catholic hymn before Kevin launches into serious prayer,

When Good Things Happen #UnexpectedKenya

Posted on 42 0

I think when you wake up in the morning your destiny has already been decided. [Oh, sorry, this will get slightly introspective.] You can’t even begin averting your fate. You were born a pawn.